PRE Payette


Oar Boat Package

  Day Rental Trip Package
14 ft. Raft $75 $80
13 ft. Raft $70 $75
10.5 ft. Raft $45 $50

Includes self bailing raft, frame, 3 oars, straps, pump, patch kit, throw rope, large cooler, and up to 4 lifejackets. "Trip Package" for 14' raft includes up to 4 large dry bags, aluminum dry box, and an extra 80 quart cooler. "Trip Package" for 13 ft. raft includes two 80 qt.coolers, dry box, and lifejackets and dry bags for 2 people. "Trip Package" for 10.5' raft includes dry box, medium cooler, and life jacket and dry bag for one person.

Extended Rentals

For boat package rentals of 5 days or more, we'll knock $10 per day off the price! For rentals beyond 9 days, let us know what you need and we will negotiate a very fair rate.

Paddle Boat Package

  Day Rental 5 or More Days
14 ft. Raft $75 $70
13 ft. Raft $70 $65
10.5 ft. Raft $45 $40

Includes self bailing raft, lifejackets and paddles for up to 8 people (6 people for 13 ft. raft, 3 people for 10.5 ft. raft), pump, patch kit, and medium dry bag upon request.

Inflatable Kayak Package

  Day Rental
SOTAR 11' High Performance IK $25
2 person IK $35

Includes kayak, paddle(s), lifejacket(s), helmet(s), pump, patch kit, and dry bag (upon request).

Extended Rentals

For IK package rentals of 5 days or more, we'll knock $5 per day off the price. For rentals beyond 9 days, let us know what you need and we will negotiate a very fair rate.

Basic Cataraft Packages

Includes 11', 12.5', 14', 15.5' Sotar Legend single tube cataraft, lightweight frame, 3 oars, straps, pump, patch kit, helmet, and lifejacket. Add a cooler and gear for a passenger for an extra $5.

Cataraft Gear Boat Package

Includes 14' or 15.5' Sotar Legend single tube cataraft, lightweight frame, 80 qt. cooler, 123 qt cooler, dry box, 2 large dry bags, 3 oars, straps, pump, patch kit, 2 helmets, and 2 lifejackets.


Catzilla is 18 feet 6 inches of SOTAR continuous curve glory, sporting 27" diameter tubes! We've saddled it with a fully floored frame capable of hauling up to a 5 dry box/cooler combination plus other gear. We use this cat on the Grand to carry an amazing load. But don't let the size scare you, this cat also works wonderful on Idaho rivers like the Main and Lower Salmon and Hells Canyon. No more worrying about where all that gear is going to fit.

Our basic rental package will include 2 dry boxes, 2 coolers, 4 dry bags, frame, 3 oars, straps, pump, patch kit, 4 helmets, and 4 lifejackets. Considering the gear carrying capability of Catzilla, we will be happy to mix, match, and negotiate the gear to match your needs.


For cataraft package rentals of 5 days or more, we'll knock $5 per day off the price. For rentals beyond 9 days, let us know what you need and we will negotiate a very fair rate.

Gear Rental

Item Rental Fee
Lifejacket* $3
Helmet $2
Splash Jacket $5
Dry Suit $20
Wetsuit $5
Wetsuit Booties $2
Item Rental Fee
Roll-A-Table $3
Fire Pan w/ Grill $7
Paco Pad $7
Dry Bag* $3
Complete Kitchen Box ** Call
RiverBank Toilet System *** $12

This is just a partial list of what we have available, if you don't see it on the list, just ask. We probably have it already or can get it!

Trip Rentals

For individual item rentals of 5 to 9 days, the price is capped at the price of a 5 day rental. For rentals beyond 9 days, let us know what you need and we will negotiate a very fair rate. (Note: this applies to individual rental items from our "Pick and Choose Equipment Rental" list, and not to entire boat packages.)

  • * Check your rental package for quantities already included!
  • ** Contact us for details!
  • *** Plus cleaning deposit of $50

Custom Rental Needs

What do you need? We can probably get it for you! For instance, lets say you want to step off the airplane at Boise and go run the Middle Fork Salmon. We could provide a complete gear set up for you, clear down to the little items the Forest Service requires. Or perhaps you need to rent for an extended time period. Let us know your needs, we can customize a rental package to fit. We will work out a fair price with you, plus we can help you figure out all the logistics for just about any trip in Idaho.

Our Price Pledge

We believe we offer the best rental deals available. We've set our prices to be super competitive and include more gear than what typically comes with other rental programs. But if you think you've found a better deal, let us know and we'll bend over backwards to beat it or offer a better value!


High Performance Cataraft and Raft Frames

At Payette River Equipment, we believe that Ron McLay makes the best frame on the water for the money. His designs are time proven to be lightweight, innovative, and can spend lots more money, but why? Ron custom builds each cat and raft frame one at a time to not only fit the dimensions of a specific boat, but also the dimensions of the people rowing them. Adjustable seats, fold down oar stands, scout bars, you get the drift. One frame does not fit all, and this custom approach allows him to alter designs to accommodate the needs of each customer. Between Ron and PRE, we literally have decades of combined experience in designing, building, testing, and destroying frames in our quest for the perfect designs. For logistical reasons Ron split off from PRE awhile back, but we are proud to support and market Ron’s frames because we truly believe they’re the best frames, pound for pound, dollar for dollar, on the water. We love talking frames with customers to ensure you get the exact frame to cover your needs, but eventually we’ll turn you over directly to Ron to complete your dream frame. And you can always contact Ron directly at 208 642 4009, or at

SOTAR Catarafts, Rafts and Inflatable Kayaks

SOTAR makes the highest quality, most durable, and best performing inflatables on the market. SOTAR catarafts have become the boat of choice by many of the Wests top-notch class V river veterans. It all comes down to the performance factor. SOTAR has perfected the balance between rocker and waterline, and Payette River Equipment took it a step further with the Legend Series design..the highest performing cataraft out there. Combined with the lightweight but bulletproof Lexatron material, it makes SOTAR catarafts the end-of-the-line for the equipment upgrades we all inevitably go through. Why not just skip right to the best?

SOTAR Rafts are absolutely legendary and have set the industry standard for performance, whether its an 18 foot gear-laden oar boat on the Grand or a nimble paddle raft tearing up a stretch of Class V nirvana. There's a reason SOTAR is the featured raft at almost all international competitions!

Each SOTAR cat, raft, or IK is a custom creation. You decide exactly how you want your boat: colors, dimensions, and options. We have our own unique set of specs for awesome looks and functionality, and SOTAR has a set of factory specs as well, but ultimately the boat designer is always the customer. We will spend as much time as it takes to be sure your boat is the perfect fit for you.


Product SOTAR rafts are proven performers. Their seven-piece ends and large tube diameters make them the raft of choice for expeditions and competitions worldwide. Outfitters and private boaters alike love the way these rigid and light rafts perform. And perform they do. SOTAR rafts slide effortlessly over shallow rocks, punch big holes, and are very difficult to wrap around rocks. SOTAR's unique self-bailing system gives you the chance to choose the self-bailing speed you desire for optimum performance.


Product SOTAR introduces the "no compromise" SL design. Finally you get what you have always wanted. The SL gives you an extended waterline for superior tracking, but a very short footprint on the water for effortless turning. Fast and nimble in a way you could only dream about before. With an extended straight section and modified diminishing tubes in the bow and stern, the internal space is increased to accommodate additional gear and paddlers. Try one soon and find out what all the buzz is about.



TThe revolutionary Sotar Legend Cat tubes are anything but ordinary. The most popular 12'6"x22.5" might be a little cat by some peoples standards, but it has a whole lot of attitude. You continue to see more SOTAR Legends out on the water every year because of their amazing agility and performance. The original 3 panel fairy shoe design has been tweaked and perfected over the last 10+ years by Ted Day with Payette River Equipment who pushed SOTAR to build the ultimate big water cat boat that can handle the insane things that ordinary boaters would just shake their heads at.


Product First designed in 1990, SOTAR's continuous curve Cat design has become an industry standard. By eliminating all cross miter seams SOTAR was able to decrease drag and increase performance. The continuous curve design allows SOTAR, the designer, to change the shape of the tube gradually throughout the tube length.


Product Cats, by their nature, are quick and nimble, although they do have some performance quirks. In the design of the SL Cat SOTAR set out to solve these quirks and substantially improve speed and maneuverability. First, they changed the profile of the tubes and reduced the stern tube diameter to lessen the leverage the current can apply to the tubes. Next, SOTAR lengthened the waterline and reduced the angle of attack, which increased hull speed and stability. SOTAR increased the tube diameter at the main pivot point to create a small footprint for incredibly fast turns. Finally, they added an incredibly smooth bottom for resistance free rowing.


Product After numerous requests to build an inflatable kayak (IK), SOTAR spent the 1994 season testing designs for a high performance IK. In 1995 they produced, on a limited basis, their SOTAK. Since 1996 SOTAR has offered a high performance kayak with the features you want.

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Meet Ted

Ted's first "real" introduction to whitewater was in 1984 on the Deschutes River in Oregon. Three fresh high school graduates, an old chevy pickup, fly rods, and an Achilles bucket boat...yee haw! Unfortunately, Ted was not smart enough at the time to figure out that river guiding jobs would be a great way to spend the summer while in college, so his boating was put on hold until he got out of college and moved to Boise in 1989. His first boat was an Avon Redshank bought from a coworker, complete with frame and shag carpeting on the passenger seat! He still takes it out a couple times each year down Staircase, just for the retro of it all. But Ted quickly migrated to cats, and did his first NF Payette run (solo) in 1991; he's now working toward his 200th run on the NF. His passion for rivers has led him down many of the most stunning and challenging rivers in the West. When asked about the rivers he's floated, Ted's standard reply is "I've been down just about every boatable river in a few that weren't!" But don't get it wrong, Ted enjoys peaceful lazy floats just as much as the adrenaline runs. Its all good! He is always willing to share his love of rivers to anyone interested...but you better not be in a hurry ;)

Photo of Ted Day